I Woke Up To Frost This Morning…

So, I must be one of the few people that is still old school enough to enjoy a real fire. By “real fire,” I mean not that fake flip the switch and fire crap so many of the newer homes have. Simply flipping the switch on a gas fireplace just doesn’t provide the same experience as building a true fire using kindling and split logs. Maybe it’s the Boy Scout in me, but there really is no substitute for the crackling and popping of logs in a traditional fireplace.

It dawned on me that I better check up on my wood pile to see if I can actually make it through the winter with the wood that I already have. Something tells me that after last winter and our relatively cool summer, I should probably plan on using about double the logs of a “normal” year. One of these years, I’ll have to try to escape with my family to somewhere warm for a change of pace. Problem is that pretty much all our family is nearby and it would be hard to leave. Maybe I could be one of the snowbirds if I play my cards right and invest wisely. Here’s hoping!

Turns out I’m extremely light on firewood. I guess I did burn a fair amount in the firepit I built with my kiddos this summer. It was fun being able to invite over the neighbors and their kids for proper s’mores and conversation. I’ll never go back to microwaving the marshmallows as long as I live. Since my buddy sold his farm and moved to Colorado, I lost my free supply of wood. He used to bring a pickup load of logs whenever I asked. I’m big into homebrewing, so I would just trade him a keg of homebrew for a pickup truck full of firewood.

Firepit Project

Since I’m starting to learn more about the world wide web operates, I decided that I would  throw some keywords in the Big G and see what I could come up with. I stumbled upon this tree service company. Totally makes sense to me why they would want to sell firewood. It’s like selling your trash. Instead of using a wood chipper and turning trees into compost, they were selling the larger logs at a rockin’ price compared to some of the others I found online. Now, that’s what I call smart business! Seasoned firewood that’s delivered and stacked for free, umm, yes please!

Everyone talking about global warming surely didn’t spend last year living anywhere close to the Midwest. I’m certain they would be singing a completely different tune. Hell, I’m lucky that I made it through the winter with all my digits. I might need to invest in those heated gloves with the battery packs specifically for when I’m out shoveling my driveway.

All I know is that it’s not even Halloween yet and I swear I saw some snowflakes falling the other day. Didn’t winter just end? Lord help me if I ever see an air temperature of -25ºF again. Last year was the third coldest winter in the last 100 years. Global warming, smh!

Well, all this to say I’m not really looking forward to winter. Hopefully many others out there feel the same way. Just make sure to fill up your heating oil and propane tanks before the prices are through the roof. I have a sinking feeling like the heating industry is going to capitalize on fear this winter.


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