Local Internet Marketing Is Wide Open

Some guy that I ran into on an internet forum was telling me just how exciting it was to do lead generation for local businesses. He told me to check out a limo website that he stumbled upon in Des Moines, Iowa of all places. The interface is really cool and he was thinking about trying to generate business for them.

In my research I have found a few tools that help me determine how difficult it is to rank a website. One of the things that I have learned is that local internet marketing is so easy that it’s not even funny. So, I ask the question, “why would anyone want to compete on a global level?”

Think about it, with global sites you are literally one person in a vast sea. Competition is everywhere and it is so difficult to get any actual results. The beauty with local marketing is that there are so many fewer people to compete with. You can get traction just by having a comprehensive, authoritative website.

Local companies often don’t have the financial resources to pay the top SEO companies for their services. Nor do they really need to invest that much money with a national SEO company.  Well, unless they want to annihilate their competition. You see, local business owners are busy running their business. They generally pay someone to put a website up for them and it’s not updated for years.

Why? Well, many owners believe that once their website is published they don’t need to do anything to it ever again. Why pay money for something that’s already done, right? The reality is that if owners want to grow their businesses and set themselves apart in the marketplace, they should be updating their websites on a consistent basis. The struggle is finding the time or the right person to do it for them.

Not that I’m the first person to have the idea, but partnering with a local business can be lucrative for both parties.

More and more people first turn to the internet for information or reviews on certain businesses. Word of mouth advertising is still effective, but the internet allows people to search for information so quickly and so easily. By establishing a dialogue with a local company, you can figure out if the company is hungry for more customers and just how well they assist their current ones.

On a national level, lead generation is a billion dollar industry. Why not take some of the tactics that are used by lead generation companies and apply them to the local space and help the residents of your community generate more business?

That’s definitely what I’m going to be looking into. I’m searching for a direction right now, but I’m confident that I can learn how to be a great local internet marketer if I apply myself.

Enough blogging about it. It’s time to get my learn on.


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